almond date bites 1

These almond-date-coconut bites are the cutest, most nutritious raw snack out there


I am a lazy baker. Well, maybe “lazy” is not quite the right word. Perhaps, “distractible” is a more accurate (and benign) way to describe my method. The reasons behind my inability to stay on task when I’m baking are somewhat of a mystery, but every attempt ends pretty much the same way: by the time I have put together every artifact, every measuring device, every ingredient…well, I’m done with it. It’s funny but my level of concentration seems to be in inverse proportion to the pre-heating of the oven. The more the temperature increases, the more my interest decreases. In the end, I hastily throw everything together and into the oven it goes. Needless to say, the results are irregular at best. What is a baking girl to do?

I think that I am quite a perfectionist by nature and that I concurrently suffer from some degree of ADHD. That combination will definitely set your baking ability back a step or two. The events that I sequence in my head seem to be sidetracked by the slightest of distractions: my phone rings, the texts seem to pour in right there and then, this great movie is starting on TV or the dog decides that it is time for a little playtime. On a bad day, my latest read beckons as my coffee mug overflows in the microwave and the UPS delivery man pounds on the door all at once…Clearly, baking does not stand a chance. By the time it’s all said and done, I realize that I have forgotten ingredients, left things in the oven well after the timer goes off and generally neglected the duties of any sensible baker. The kitchen is a solid mess and all I have to show for is a sunken banana bread.

Yet, it’s obvious to me that nothing beats some scones right from the oven on a Sunday morning or the brilliance of a homemade birthday cake that tastes not only sweet but full of love as well. So I persist in my attempts to overcome my distractibility thinking that someday I will focus enough to deliver the perfect sponge cake. In the meantime I have developed a new strategy to boost my confidence in my baking talents by trying some recipes for raw desserts. I know what you’re thinking…this is a complete departure from baking itself, but it is a counter-intuitive measure that is really working for me. It makes me feel accomplished to present my family with some beautiful desserts that I was able to put my mind to from beginning to end. They are very healthy options, look really beautiful and so far, they have been devoured in no time at all. I could not ask for more…

Stay tuned for more raw dessert options. I’m just getting started with my experimentation and there are so many choices, so many delicious alternatives…

almond date bites 2