Many preventive health services are currently on the chopping block. More people will have to face long term disease without the benefit of proper treatment merely for financial reasons.

Nectar Nutrition wants to reach people who need preventive dietary assistance, as well as those already managing any preexisting chronic illnesses who cannot afford care.

We need your help in creating hands on nutrition classes that are free and open to the public, with emphasis on healthy eating for all ages. Classes are designed to support, encourage and compassionately guide the community towards a healthier lifestyle.

We believe in a different model of healthcare that empowers the individual with education and self-confidence.

We want to implement a “garden to tummy” approach that connects all the dots, from growing your own food and selecting the best diet for your individual needs, to cooking and enjoying real food the way Nature intended. Useful, fun and informational classes that focus on the whole person for everyone in Vermont.

If you eat food, you can be part of the solution, because when everyone in the community thrives, everybody wins. Please, help us make these free classes a reality.

All the funds will be dedicated to purchasing supplies, food for demonstrations and a small stipend for an assistant who can help co-lead the sessions. Funding permitting, there will be a total of 25 absolutely free 1.5 hour classes that will cover diverse health & nutrition topics.

These classes will be offered at the beautiful Kismet building in Williston, Vermont. Everyone is welcome in the spirit of cooperation to improve the lives of Vermonters through sensible, healthy nutrition.

Thank you so much.