Nothing withstands the power of marketing…or its lack of principles. A double edge sword, marketing can bring to the forefront the best things that human ingenuity has to offer. It can also, at times, showcase the most hypocritical and condescending attitudes about very serious and even tragic issues. Breast cancer is one of those issues that has been manipulated and trivialized by the “pink washing” of products and brands that contribute nothing to the advancement of research for a cure. It happens surreptitiously without anyone knowing…That is when marketing is at its best (or is it worst?): you end up believing that the intentions behind it are noble and altruistic. Remember that if money is being transacted and a product is being sold, altruism is hardly ever a consideration.

Now that October is ending and Breast Cancer Awareness Month is behind us, keep that awareness alive by making sound nutritional  choices throughout the year. The money that you spend on pink merchandise might not do very much for the prevention of this disease as a whole, but knowledge of the right dietary guidelines to follow will make a lot of difference in your personal outcome. Help yourself and others in a meaningful, tested manner: eat well and feed those you love real food that nourishes them without gimmicks or pink smoke screens.