InstagramI am not a photographer but I can appreciate the beauty of a well composed picture. When I was younger, I studied Fine Arts and later went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Art Education. I still love Art and I read about it often in magazines, books and online.

In my latest professional iteration as a nutritionist I decided to put some of my old skills to work. I take all of my own blog pictures with my little and trusted iPhone. I’ve come to realize that I am a natural born Instagramer. I love the immediacy, the ability to share my pictures instantly, the intimate nature of the images and the lack of pretense. I cook, I Instagram, I eat. My very own version of the old Vini, Vidi,Vinci.

The fact is that I don’t style my food. I don’t cover up mistakes with technical expertise. I don’t Photoshop my entries. Presenting the food as it really is seems to me like the only honest approach. I choose to put the emphasis on the nutritional aspect of the recipe and I feel that the natural beauty of food always manages to shine through anyway. My kitchen is a real working one, in which spills happen, food gets burned and everyone is welcome. We all gravitate to this room where food, magic, love and skill provide us with nourishment day in and day out.