Working Together for a Common Goal

We believe in a establishing a partnership with our clients. Our focus is on delivering results through current, evidence based information.

Together we will go through a process that includes:

  • Examining your current diet
  • Learning about connections between unhealthy diet and disease
  • Recognizing environmental factors that also contribute to illness
  • Designing meal plans tailored to your individual needs
  • Acquiring specific skills in regards to preparing, storing and combining food

We can assist you if you are dealing with a chronic condition, struggling to lose weight or trying to prevent disease. We support you in making gradual, meaningful changes without frustration or setbacks. We do not use cookie cutter approaches or make unrealistic promises. Our goal is to empower clients with optimal nutrition through mutual cooperation and respect.


Online Service Menu

Nectar Total Access –  Spring Cleaning Special! $19 first month  – Nectar Total Access grants you a month of unlimited email exchange. No further commitment. No hidden fees. Only the knowledge you need to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. All your questions are thoughtfully answered by a nutritionist who provides you with support and the most up-to-date information available

Local Service Menu

Step 1

Full Nutritional Analysis – New Clients Start Here ($95) – In-depth study of your health history and existing dietary habits resulting in a printable analytic report and a 60 minute in-person consultation. You will receive a custom assessment of your current nutritional status and a set of recommendations to begin your healthier lifestyle. This session is a gateway to your personalized meal plans and it identifies your specific health issues to be addressed in follow up sessions.

Step 2 (choose one)

Basic Plan – 7 Day Meal Plan with Two 30 Minute Follow Ups ($70) – Two weeks of support and guidance to successfully implement recommendations from your Nutritional Analysis and ease into new dietary habits. We will discuss dietary strategies that apply to your case. You will receive a therapeutic 7 day meal plan tailored to your individual needs. Receive and discuss the meal plan at the first meeting, then evaluate your results at the end of the two weeks.

Advanced Plan – Two 7 Day Meal Plans with Four 30 minute Follow Ups ($130) – The best, most comprehensive format for new clients who wish to transition to a nutritionally sound diet for the rest of their lives. It provides accountability, continuous support and additional tools to ensure positive progress. Two complete meal plans spanning four weeks including delicious recipes. Follow ups can be scheduled weekly or every other week. So easy to follow and so quick to yield results.

Tell Your Friends!

Refer a New Patient & Get a Free Follow Up – Any existing client who refers a friend or family member for a Full Nutritional Analysis will enjoy a Free 30 Minute Follow Up. They just tell us you referred them and upon completion of their Full Nutritional Analysis a complimentary Follow Up will be scheduled for you. Everybody wins!

Burlington Office Location

Services are provided at our office in downtown Burlington, Vermont. We’re on St. Paul Street, just a few blocks from Church Street and the Lake Champlain waterfront. For those who cannot make it in-person, services can be provided by phone, Skype or email as well. Get started today by clicking one of the buttons below.

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