IMG_1484For my first visit to The Grove I chose a sunny spring like day in February full of sun and promise. Apparently, so did a thousand other people in Albuquerque and the place was, regrettably, packed to the rafters.

I’m not quite sure why the set up requires patrons to stand, tray in hand, waiting for a very flustered hostess to find an empty table, but I did. In order to offset the noise and the queue, I kept reminding myself that my goal was to partake of the organic, local and seasonal items they have on their menu. I like to support efforts such as this one, particularly in this town.

I was a bit disappointed by the lack of gluten free options. Tortillas? No. English muffins? Nope. Cupcakes? Not a chance. Cookies? Nada. Luckily, before the whole thing turned into a Monty Python sketch, it was established that, for a modest extra charge of $2.50 I could have some gluten free sandwich bread. Success!

My breakfast sandwich was ample with well toasted, crispy bread and a plain omelet inside. I was glad I also upgraded it with some slices of what turned out to be turkey rather than the ham that was ordered. Nevertheless, it made for a hearty sandwich with a fresh touch of iceberg lettuce and a kiss of mayo.

On the losing side, I could have done without the hospital style side of fruit: a little metal dish with half a wilted, pale strawberry, browned apple pieces and red grapes in a syrupy, grape tasting liquid. Dreary indeed.

Even so, the menu as a whole is quite full of interesting options that I am willing to entertain in the future. The aroma of the coffee was delightful and I look forward to tasting their salads as well as some of the more innovative lunch items.

jessie abrahams baca

Image by Jessie Abrahams Baca

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Image by Jessie Abrahams Baca.