A staple in our household when it comes to outings, Los Poblanos is a veritable oasis in an otherwise quite ordinary town. It is nestled in the heart of the North Valley among the largest trees in the city and the only fields of lavender you could find in this part of the world.

The large hacienda style building is impeccably kept and blends effortlessly with its surroundings. I love the gardens: there is a beautiful pond full of lotus flowers and farmland that provides the kitchen with fresh produce almost year round. There is also a pen with some farm animals and the most gorgeous peacocks roaming the grounds.

The main dining room is small and rustic. It almost has the feel of a private residence, as if one was eating at a friend’s house. We always enjoy our meals there be it Winter or Spring on the other side of the big, french doors.

Our particular favorite is the breakfast in the small, front patio (weather permitting). The menu is set with two different options every day of the week. In addition to the main course there is plenty of homemade granola, fresh orange juice, coffee or tea and wonderful golden honey from their own bee hives. To me, that alone makes the morning just about perfect. As an example, last time we were there we had the Blue Corn Gordita filled with organic scrambled eggs, a little chorizo style sausage and sunflower sprouts. The stuffed blue corn tortilla was crispy, flavorful and satisfying. The red chili sauce contributed the right amount of heat without masking any of the other flavors.

We’ll definitely be back again during the Summer to sample another selection from the breakfast menu. The items change seasonally, so there is never a time when we fail to find fresh, local ingredients and that, in itself, is a great luxury.



A Blue Corn Gordita piping hot from the Los Poblanos kitchen is a Southwestern favorite