black tea potsKu Cha is an emblematic traditional Chinese tea house located in the upper section of Pearl Street, a welcoming and bustling pedestrian area in the heart of Boulder, CO.

Walking into this beautiful store is a delight to the senses. Their teas are featured by type on eye level shelves all around the store. There are black, green, white and flavored teas in addition to herbal teas and even custom blends.

Ku Cha has everything a tea lover needs to feel pampered. Neatly organized, they provide small glass containers with samples of each variety, so that guests can consider the aroma and color of each tea prior to purchasing it.

The options presented seem unlimited and can be overwhelming for the neophyte tea lover. The key to fully enjoying your visit is to let your sense of smell guide you to your particular match. Go with whatever is most evocative to you: sweet vanilla, cinnamon or perhaps a coconut scented black tea. Maybe you favor a delicately floral jasmine, a rose or a cherry blossom green tea. Although sometimes nothing but a robust Chai will do for a cold Colorado afternoon. For the adventurous tea connoisseurs, earthy Puerh tea will be a new treat with its unique woodsy aroma. My personal choices (less unusual) are a wonderfully subtle Darjeeling and the citrusy Earl Grey tea.

ku cha 1

Ku Cha rolls out the proverbial carpet for guests & delights with its many fragrant selections.

If you are concerned about caffeine and desire a more benign kind of brew, there are a number of fruit infused teas such as blueberry, raspberry, peach, apricot, passion fruit and mango (just to name a few) that are sure to satisfy any taste. Ku Cha offers the visitor everything tea related under one roof in a refined and out of the ordinary environment.

The stunningly decorated store also has many styles of tea ware on hand from distinctive porcelain cups and tea pots, to glass pots perfect for flowering teas and high quality cast iron tea pots. Wander at your leisure or sit down for a hot cup in the Asian style tea room at the back of the store. You will leave refreshed and with a newly found appreciation for all things Camellia Sinensis.