colorful salad

Most of these items were pre-sliced. It takes five minutes to put together a beautiful bowl of goodness.


Sometimes hunger comes calling and it catches you flat footed: you are away from home, perhaps you have not yet gone shopping or you are surrounded by bags of chips and chocolate candy in the supermarket aisle from hell. You feel you need to eat something before the sugar blues become a real problem but you cannot decide what you should have. My suggestion is to refrain from grabbing the first crinkly bag of salty/sugary/preservative laden “snack” food in front of you and rather realize that you have the opportunity to nourish your body properly even at that decisive moment.

The key to successfully navigating a hunger crisis is to be prepared. Much like you prepare for a weather event that has been announced in the forecast, you can preempt bad food choices by thinking in advance and having a plan. These are my suggestions:

  • Banish poor nutrition from your home: no chips, candy, soda and the lot. If you don’t have it, you can’t eat it.
  • Fill your fridge with fruits and vegetables. Even better yet, portion sliced items in containers for ready use.
  • Think ahead: brown bag a healthy snack and take it with you. Hunger will find you wherever you are.
  • Take a refillable water bottle with you. Dehydration can mimic hunger and you’ll be vulnerable to bad choices.
  • Eat every 3 hours. Skipping meals is NOT a good slimming strategy.

Being ready is a matter of preparedness. Be proactive with your food choices and you will be in control of what you consume throughout the day. Loading up at a meal is not a good long term strategy and it is hard on your digestive organs. Steady wins the race.