blue snack

Organic blueberries and some beautiful yellow carrots


I tend to snack often. When I don’t snack periodically my appetite grows so intense that I tend to overeat for the next “official” meal. Going between meals for more than 3 or 4 hours without food is a popular, yet highly counterproductive weight loss tactic. In fact, snacking intelligently is a great strategy for blood sugar regulation that will help you avert episodic gluttony. It works for me like a charm.

Of course, it all depends on what you consider to be an appropriate snack. The focus should be on keeping it simple and small. Excellent options are apples, nut or seed butters, berries, celery, carrots, hummus, low glycemic smoothies, plain yogurt, avocados and whole grain bread. High fiber foods combined with a healthy fat will give your body all the nutrients you need and the satiety you crave until the next meal comes around.  Your blood sugar will remain stable and you won’t be in a frantic, “hangry” state of mind. Just remind yourself not to resort to grabbing a bag or carton of anything processed, be it chips, sweets or sugary drinks.

I will post photographs of my snacks periodically. The combinations are endless and the results scrumptious. Hopefully they will inspire you to make your very own delicious treats.