GF oatmeal with coconut milk, sugar free dried cranberries and fresh blueberries. Half a banana adds the right amount of sweetness.


Not all your snacks need to be cold. Sometimes all you need to tame the hungry monster in your tummy is a bit of warmth. When that happens, nothing beats oatmeal with its wholesome, honest flavor and creamy texture. Oatmeal has always been a healthy staple but it got really, really trendy a while back. It was appearing everywhere, and from breakfast bowls to savory dishes, oatmeal was all the rage.

I would ask you to put aside all the hype for a moment, and look at this humble grain with new appreciation. It is easy to prepare, loaded with the right kind of carbohydrates and fiber, versatile, affordable and very low in its allergenic potential. All around a winner.

A small bowl of oatmeal cooked in your choice of liquid (dairy milk, almond, cashew or coconut milk) and with a handful of toppings such as berries, seeds, apples, bananas, dried fruit or nuts, can be just what the doctor did not order but should have. It will keep you satisfied until your next meal and you will be at the top of your nutrition game.