Beautiful photo by Heba from Mideats.

Beautiful photo by Heba from MidEATS.

I discovered tahini very much by chance about 21 years ago in Madrid. It was a most delicious finding, the result of oneĀ  afternoon of adventurous shopping. Once I had tried it, I could not stop eating it and since I did not know how to cook anything that required tahini, I just ate it by the spoonful. These were the days before Internet, mind you, and my access to Middle Eastern recipes was quite limited.

Organic tahini is a wonderful addition to any diet: a clean, simple and honest ingredient. It is, in fact, quite a versatile food and you won’t have to eat it with a spoon like I did. Nevertheless, it is so delicious that you might find yourself sneaking one or two tastes straight from the jar.

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Photograph by Heba from MidEATS.

Photograph by Heba from MidEATS