A pink lotus flower and lily pads with saturated color
I am sure you are all familiar with the notion of the lotus flower: a most perfect, most beautiful flower emerges from a less than picturesque layer of underwater mud. This unexpected gift exemplifies rebirth and triumph over the opaque darkness of the slimy swamp.

Similarly, those who have gone through an illness, physical or mental, are sometimes given the chance to blossom.  From the dark hour of the diagnosis, personal growth can spur a beautiful transformation, a blossoming of sorts, aided by love and patience.

A great deal of nurturing goes into caring for ourselves or others who are suffering from an illness. An important part of healing is diet and it is an essential aspect of the recovery that we can control. We can make choices, or help others make choices, that will enhance lives here and now. Every meal, every bite, puts us closer to the surface of the water, helping us grow towards the sunlight.

Care about your food, and health will emerge.