Pond with lotus

I see no reason to avoid showing my predilection for ponds and water features in the garden. Manicured to perfection or wild and hidden under overgrown greenery, I like them all. Here at home, I have a small pond that requires little care and still provides us with the sounds of running water and the visits of many water loving creatures.

We used to have koi but also some humble goldfish that darted back and forth from under the leaves of the plants. Our favorite dwellers were the tiny sucker fish and the very busy minnows that kept the mosquitoes at bay. We’ve also seen tadpoles in the far corner where it is shady.

A water feature is an intricate part of a healthy backyard ecosystem. It provides other animals, such as birds, with a much needed water source during the summer months. We have sparrows, finches and sometimes jays come to the edges of the pond to drink a little. Bees visit as well and even bumblebees look for some of the moisture that surrounds the area.

Lilies and irises are sturdy residents in the pond. Hyacinths seems to be the most durable of floating plants in my area… but overlooking this entire scene one can find the mighty lotus. This gorgeous plant with its water proof, shiny leaves and those blushing flowers that transform into the most intriguing of seed pods. There is something magical and peaceful about them. They are at their peak during this time of the year and they continue their beautiful decay well into the autumn.

For them alone I would encourage everyone to put a little water in their gardens…but let’s not forget the many benefits that a peaceful pond can bring to the soul on a lazy summer evening.