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Cristina Clarimon-Alinder NC, M.Ed. helps you avoid poor nutritional choices that are readily available & aggressively advertised. Achieve & maintain a vibrant, healthy lifestyle using customized diet plans.


Consultations with analytic reports and weekly follow-ups. Assessment of your current dietary status. The goal is to prevent and manage disease through diet for a happier, healthier more productive life.

Celiac Disease

Specializing in the dietary management of Celiac Disease. Over 40 years of personal experience living with CD. She understands the struggle & frustration that accompanies the diagnosis of this chronic condition.


From traditional Spanish recipes to gluten-free cooking you’ll find delicious options for everyone in the family. Try the recipes as they are or let Cristina create a custom diet plan that includes healthy versions of all your favorite foods.

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Black Olive Tapenade

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Almost instantly she was able to give me explanations and told me how to get my healing started…I finally realized…things I thought were healthy were simply not good for me…I dropped 15 pounds in the first three weeks…Thank you Cristina! *

Monique R. - Albuquerque, NM

Over the years, she has experienced firsthand the crucial impact that the food we consume has on our health. I think this knowledge is driving her to help others struggling with dietary issues. *

Deborah S. – Sedona, AZ

I had the pleasure of mentoring Cristina during her years as a student. I have full confidence in her skill and ability in offering complete nutritional guidance and support. *

Diane F. – San Francisco, CA

* These results are based on a customized experience. Individual results may vary.

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